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Most of us take our living circumstances for granted and could not ever imagine losing all of our relationships, sources of income, and housing options, to where becoming homeless would be ever even possible.And yet, as Dowd can attest, after talking to so many of his clients, the line between who is homeless and who is not can be quite fine.Third, it is important to note that there may be reasons why women are more likely to be housed than men that still don’t mean the women are in a particularly good situation.For instance, women are more likely to participate in survival sex in exchange for housing.He went anyway and is now a licensed attorney in Illinois and the Executive Director of the facility, which serves hundreds of people per night, as the second largest shelter in the state.Along the way and over two decades, he has learned a lot about homeless individuals.

On any given day in the US, 22% of the known homeless population are children, 40% are women, and 35% are families.(They really read into body language, vocal inflection, tone perceptions, and volume.)Argue differently.(Their “anger ratio” is quicker and stronger, meaning they start loud and get louder, without much warmup.)View respect differently.The common wisdom is that the kids are most often with their mom and men make up a majority of the single homeless.After a period of economic melt-down the number of homeless has increased dramatically and this is an issue worth talking about.

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