How to get a girl to like you online dating

It will only help your case to get to know her as well as you can, and surprise her with these observations now and then. You're looking at this girl as your prospective girlfriend, as a person you want to have a relationship with. When the girl in question sees what a great and fun person you are to be around, she'll want a piece of the cake too.Help her whenever she asks for it, and sometimes even when she doesn't. There's an unwritten rule among girls: if I don't like the guy you're considering dating, don't date him. And you'll have a special piece for her, won't you?

When you're confident, it reflects in your disposition. Tell her how nice it is of her to confirm that all her friends reached home safe after a late night together. She'll probably just get creeped out and not talk to you again.For instance, if she thanks you for something that you did for her, say something like, "Anything for you sweetheart." It's cheesy but it gets the job done.Physical contact is another important tool to make her aware that you're attracted to her. A girl will judge in an instant whether she's OK with you touching her or not. Touching her elbow while crossing the street, helping her put on her coat, putting your arm around her shoulders when she's upset; these are all safe.There are guys who are naturally suave and can get any girl they wish to fall for them.And then there are guys who have no clue about what to do when the object of their affection is in front of them.

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