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Anyone from Maine to Virginia should be used to the winter weather and elements experienced with cold. And there is a warm current from the Gulf Stream so you are actually able to withstand the temperatures.There is a lot of darkness in the winter, but midnight sun brings light in the summer for long days.

I found out about a fabulously talented R&B duo called Kenya and Nemor. You may even want to catch The Reykjavik Blues Festival in April 2014.

Their departure has resulted in a shortage of women on the Faroe Islands.

They have such a shortage of women, that some of the men have taken to importing women from the Philippines and Thailand to marry and increase the population.

At the U of Iceland, they offer several degrees in English. And the Iceland International School is for those English speaking children of diplomats, military members and those there on business for extended amounts of time.

Icelandic children attend too as they have a bilingual immersion curriculum for those wishing for their children to be bilingual. Geographically, Iceland is only about a 4 ½ hour flight from New York City. Lori Wilson a dentist in Petersburg, Virginia goes to Iceland several times a year.

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