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Your doctor will check for sperm production, irregularities in the testes, and hormonal imbalances among other possible causes.

A semen analysis will tell if the ejaculate has adequate seminal fluid to allow for sperm movement.

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This can be caused by a malformation in the testes or a possible obstruction in one of the ducts necessary to deliver the sperm effectively into the ejaculate.

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Some causes for infertility can be harder to treat the longer they are left without intervention, so don't hesitate to seek advice early if you suspect that infertility may be a factor for you. Illness, disease, injury, obstruction in the tubes of the testes, diet, weight and activity levels are only some of the causes of male infertility.Common causes of infertility are low sperm count, dysfunctional or immobile sperm, and impaired sperm delivery.Men can be born with some of these conditions, or they can develop them later in life.This will determine your sperm's ability to latch on and penetrate an egg's outer layer. These things can affect your testosterone and sperm production.About half of all male infertility cases can be treated through assisted reproduction.

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