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The group has became so popular and fulfilled local moms’ needs so well that today it has more than 2400 members.

From Green Lake Mom Daily Deals to organized meet-ups and events, Green Lake Moms is a fantastic opportunity for Seattle moms to connect, bond, and grow.

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Great song, very inspirational Literally the only ICP song where I can't find something I don't like about it. btw it is really funny and very true so if you neva listened 2 it well LISTEN 2 it I know it sounds strange but this song reminds me of a really good time in my life.

PEPS serves thousands of families annually all over the Seattle area including the Eastside.

North East Seattle Moms North East Seattle Moms is open to families who live in the Laurelhurst, Bryant, View Ridge, Wedgwood, Windermere, Hawthorne Hills, Ravenna, Meadowbrook, Sand Point and Matthews Beach neighborhoods and want to connect with other parents in the neighborhood.

Juggalo for life - Jonerman Who taught you how to use the bong for the grass?

Love this song I just can't get enough of this song!

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Green Lake Moms Green Lake Moms is a fave for many Seattle-area parents and was the winner of our 2013 Totally Awesome Awards for most awesome group for moms and dads.

Although their music is for the most part cheesy, poorly written, and poorly rapped, I do think they could come out with enjoyably stupid material and some genuinely decent songs.

I feel like if they were better rappers and better lyric writers, and didn't have the whole juggalo cult surrounding them, I could call myself a fan.

Here's the setlist, in case you wanna be a dick and fast forward to your faves:1.

Firestorm Also, click thru to UVTV's site for the info to download this footage from i Tunes...

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