Instant cam fun

The new app has a much cleaner design, is more responsive, and never crashed on me. The Li Play can be used as a mini printer as well, grabbing images from your phone and sending them directly to the printer.If you're a longtime Instax user, you'll be happy to know that Fujifilm has developed a new app for the Li Play that shows the company can actually make a good app if it puts its mind to it.There's also a Back button, Review button, and Print button beside the LCD screen on the back.A Set button inside a typical camera 4-way direction wheel rounds out the controls on the back.

The Li Play lacks some of the extra features found on Fujifilm's other Instax models.

The process works, but it's a cumbersome way add sound to prints.

The new app doesn't just play QR code audio; it also controls the Li Play.

If you want to edit, you'll need to do that in another app.

Not having a built-in editor isn't much of a drawback given how many good photo-editing apps are available these days.

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