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Not everyone is gonna like you and sometimes people don't always feel comfortable expressing it directly until their hand is forced.Especially if you are expecting to have a full-swap, make sure you talk openly and directly prior to getting your hopes up. At this point we were extremely comfortable with our relationship choices and were 100% confident that we both wanted to continue and that we would be comfortable in a more raunchy 'sex club' type event.TIP #5: GUYS YOU' RE GONNA HAVE SO MANY AWKWARD EXPERIENCES, YOU BETTER BE WILLING TO PUT THAT SHIT TO THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD AND MOVE ON.Or you're gonna end up like the numerous men you see posting on forums talking about how they feel emasculated because god forbid their penis couldn't stand to attention immediately on command. Third event, we're standing there on the dance floor and a gorgeous couple just walks up to us, girl grabs me, guy grabs my girl.After the girls spend an hour or so playing with each other at the club; we end up going back to their hotel with the intention of having a full-swap but after we had been playing for some time (with some mild intercouple interaction) just as the swap was about to happen (AND MY PENIS IS FINALLY DECIDING TO COOPERATE) she comes out with "I'm not really into you, was really just interested in your girl. and my penis retracted like a turtle into its shell.That was the night done, still no full-swap :-(TIP #7: GET PREPARED FOR SOME REJECTION.The event was awesomely run and organized, the people were insanely attractive. Suck somebody else's dick or I'm leaving you... We kept taking it one step at a time and now we both enjoy the lifestyle.Now admittedly I have a bit of a hotwife fetish but after all this buildup watching her with this insanely attractive guy as he slid into her for the first time was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. If I had told her I was leaving if we didn't swing, I wouldn't have had to nag...

You risk your partner freaking out (especially if they are prone to 'shame') and most importantly damaging your relationship if your jealousy gets the better of you.

Besides, as with many things in life, sometimes the build-up is as much fun as the event, so take your time. We ended up mostly naked, went down on each other played for hours just teasing ourselves and other people and ended up just being mostly voyeurs.

Then as it was approaching the end of the night, finally we decided to have sex there and then. I barely managed to stay hard, I was too focused on thinking about was all the people looking but the night was still great.

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