Intimidating coaches

They got hammered by the Raiders the following week, but they got to the AFC Championship Game on that performance, and he was just overcome, which was great because you think about players being really emotional.

But it was Chuck."The fun side of Knox came out more often.

And you should have complete support from your parents.

Quite often parents are not completely aware of everything happening on the field.

Have your sports kids ever had a coach who yelled at, insulted or intimidated them? We’ve got some tips—and warnings—for you about what we call “bully coaches.” Bully coaches target all kinds of young athletes.

They can set their sights on kids who are overweight, small or who lack confidence, for instance.

Often forgotten is how the Seahawks won it in dramatic fashion when Dave Krieg ducked out of what would have been an eighth Thomas sack and hit Paul Skansi in the end zone for a 25-yard touchdown as time expired, tying the game at 16 before Seattle kicked the extra point. Kansas City's airport was one of the few that didn't allow teams to bus onto the tarmac to their plane, so they had to board through the gate.

I mean, nobody ever saw that out of Chuck Knox and it just so touched him."And I think the emotion of the moment, being in that big of a game and playing with those guys who he had only been coaching for that one season, and yet he takes them – they follow him all the way to the championship.He was telling stories and slapping guys on the back, and I guarantee you on Monday, when they went back to practice ... You're not going to win anything by worrying about what you did on Sunday. Only Knox's eyes were steely blue and produced an intimidating glare."It didn't matter where he was, he pulled his cap down, his hat, it always looked like he was looking at you," Moyer said."I've had guys say that, a million guys, say no matter where they were on the field, it always seemed like he was staring at you."Moyer recalled how Knox didn't like to call out players by name in front of the team, but he would when he was announcing fines for team violations.But his approval wasn't easily earned, and it was sometimes subtly expressed, like when Moyer made a late interception of Warren Moon to help the Seahawks beat the Houston Oilers in 1988."I watched the film afterward and I was looking at our sideline because our sideline was going nuts," he said."They're just going crazy and the coaches were going crazy, and the coach I was looking for was if Chuck was going nuts, like if he wanted to come up and high-five me or something, "He didn't even budge.

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