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In enforce_run_list(), don't count the RAM usage of NCI tasks.NCI tasks run sporadically, so it doesn't make to count it; doing so can starve regular jobs in some cases. * WIN: Reintroduce the application manifest for the core client.Some platforms do not support turning off LPT ports for instance.

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While it may happen that we - other volunteers - forward your problem to them, history has shown it is quite difficult being the middle man in this when more information is needed from you.This should give the VM at least enough time to render a few frames and eventually boot. * VBOX: Adjust the failsafe minimum CPU Usage value to 1. * boinccmd: check RPC replies for errors; show them.* VBOX: a value of 0 in means "no limit", so set it to 100 if it is 0. * VBOX: Break the modify VM phase into smaller chunks.Set the temporary exit delay to one day if an incompatible version is detected.This gives the volunteer a chance to take corrective action before the task errors out after it exceeds its deadline.

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