Ipod shuffle play count not updating

Siri will only play music from My Music, and won't play anything from Apple Music? The Fix: Siri didn’t recognize you as subscribed to Apple Music.A simple reboot should fix the issue A lot of people outside the US are running into an issue with Apple Music Radio is not fully working and are getting the error message: 'Unable to start station. Try again later.' While people in the US aren’t experiencing this problem, there has been one solution offered that worked for some.The Fix: A) Certain songs are not available for streaming. In this case, try to download again, or delete and download again.Noticed whenever you hit the "Play" button right next to a playlist, instead of all the tracks in that playlist being added to the list of songs playing next, the first track is added "on repeat" endlessly?Maybe you made a smart playlist with all your songs but found after a while your device started freezing or running really slow during the transfers. The Fix: The problem arises when you try downloading a lot of songs from only one playlist.

Recently updated to i OS 8.4 to use Apple Music only to find when you try to play an album your purchased, it is missing.If you already tried to start downloading all your music for Offline listening and it is just taking too long or slowing your device down too much, you may want to stop that action. The Fix: Scroll all the way to the bottom of the downloading list. When you open the new Apple Music app and attempt to use various features, you get a message that says "You're offline.Connect to the Internet, then give it another shot."The Fix: Go to Settings -- look for Music and activate.The Fix: Sign up for the free 3-month trial for Apple Music and all radio stations should start working.Since updating to i OS 8.4 you may have noticed every time you turn on i Cloud library, a ton of songs start to download and may have even led to your i Phone or other device freezing up.

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