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Living in South Florida (and at one time owning a boat), Norman's lifestyle is well-suited to a gold Submariner.

He recalls with a grin that he actually used to dive with this solid gold reference 16618 until he had the unsettling experience of barracudas being attracted to its shiny case and bracelet. Another Submariner in Norman's collection is this "Hulk," which earned its nickname due to its green dial and bezel.

Norman recalls flying to Brunei to play a nighttime exhibition match with three other professional players.

At the conclusion of the exhibition, the Sultan of Brunei gifted Norman with this solid gold Royal Oak.

Horologically speaking, this small, black-dialed gold timepiece may be pretty ho-hum, but Norman says he liked the way it wasn't overly reflective and thus didn't distract him while putting.

Norman's tenure as a Rolex ambassador spanned decades and overlapped with several of the best years of his playing career.

But what's equally impressive is the second act of Norman's professional life.

His activities since leaving the game of golf can be seen as a kind of how-to manual for athletes seeking to parlay a fruitful playing career into success in business.

This unworn gold GMT-Master is a keepsake from the end of his time with the Crown.

Norman received this watch as a birthday gift from a friend in Australia.

He told us that he thinks watches are thoughtful gifts not just because they have the potential to cost quite a bit, but also because the giver really has to know a thing or two about the recipient's likes, dislikes, and overall taste.

When he visits this remote property, he likes to have a durable watch that will stand up to a bit of hard wearing and keep reliable time in the event he finds himself hiking out of cell phone range.

This classic of modern watch design, an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, has a proud home in Greg Norman's collection.

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