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These aren’t just states of mind, they are conditions caused by the kinds of tools we use, and the kinds of behaviors those tools encourage.What makes a lot less sense is chat as the primary, default method of communication inside an organization.There they noticed a black minivan parked on the first floor near the stairwell with one sliding door open.The car was running, there was a person in the driver’s seat and another younger man standing by the stairwell. Ignore that professor who studies child crime for a living who says he has heard of no children under 10 kidnapped by strangers for sex trafficking purposes.Or the owner of a Segway they’re trying to get rid of. People would share the video, telling other parents to watch out and to be aware.Friends were tagging friends, reminding each other to stay vigilant.These tbbkybiskd “close encounters” with near sex-traffickers are like alien abductions.They are shared wildly — gleefully — by people seemingly thrilled to know this horrible scourge is out there so they can be scared and angry.

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This is particularly important for people who work remotely.

In her Facebook Live video, Holland told the story that started with one man she described as looking disheveled and wearing a bodyguard-type earpiece who was closely following her family to the parking garage.

Holland’s husband, Aaron, was carrying their 3-year-old son and Holland was holding her 5-year-old daughter’s hand and their 21-month-old son in a carrier when she started to feel like “something’s not right.” They had just crossed Lake Street and were walking toward First Street when the man said something too soft for the Hollands to hear, making the Hollands pause.

Toss in some words, drag in a picture, get some quick feedback, and move on (just get out quick before you get sucked back in).

Sometimes it’s essential to get critical information in front of people.

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