Itunes an error occurred while updating the default player

The reason is that i Tunes automatically detects any files placed into that directory and automatically moves them to an alternate location on disk, making it impossible for i Syncr to add these same songs to the “i Syncr - Amazon MP3s” playlist.For this reason, we recommend choosing an alternate upload folder.

i Syncr seems to be downloading my songs and playlists to the wrong storage drive on my Android. Here is a tutorial on how to sync to the SD Card over Wi Fi Note that for some devices, the names of the drives options are reversed from what you would expect; this is because some devices use non-default storage drive paths for internal vs. This is especially common when using third-party ROMs such as Cyanogenmod.Connection attempt to firmware update server was successful.Connection attempt to Gracenote server was successful.For example, if your Android’s storage root is at “/mnt/sdcard” and your MP3s are in “/mnt/sdcard/amazonmp3”, then you should set this to “amazonmp3” because the app will append “amazonmp3” to “/mnt/sdcard” to determine the full path of files/folders to scan.In the i Syncr desktop application’s settings, I’ve got my Amazon MP3 Path set to the “Automatically Add to i Tunes” folder, and I’m seeing some really weird behavior when reverse syncing MP3s. We don’t recommend setting your Amazon MP3 upload folder to the “Automatically Add to i Tunes” folder because reverse syncing with i Syncr won’t work very well.

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