Jamie lee curtis dating alexandra hedison

She has made it a point to go for her workout sessions on a daily basis.It is her Pilates sessions that have been credited for her toned arms.Jodie was reported to be dating actress Kelly Mc Gillis.They had met on the sets of the courtroom drama, The Accused.

She was in a relationship with the actress and writer Gillian Anderson, but they broke up.But it didn't bother me as long as they were talking about the work and not about "she has fat thighs" or something.But I fared really well with "Tate", so I shouldn't be complaining.Foster reportedly dated drummer Gina Schock, who was also a member of all-woman rock band The Go-Go, in the mid-eighties.Schock often used to speak about her good friend Foster in her interviews in that period.

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