John mayer dating jessica simpson

They dated for a whole year and would attend countless public events arm in arm.It seemed as though they were in it for the whole hog, but they eventually broke up in 2009.If they were, their more-than-friendship didn’t last too was just 18 years old, she was spotted getting rather cozy with the singer at the Grammy Awards.However, it seems as though their relationship was more of a fling than something serious.You probably wouldn’t match John Mayer with Renée Zellweger, but these two stars found themselves getting very up close and personal in 2011.It’s not known how these two stars came to meet each other, or why they ultimately decided to part ways, but it’s been suggested that they had a deep and intense relationship.

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Although their differences first seemed to compliment each other, they soon took their toll.They were spotted together just after he broke things off with Jessica Simpson, but neither of their reps confirmed any fireworks between them.Despite this, the couple were spotted getting up close and personal on numerous occasions, and their body language seemed to suggest that they were more than friends.It’s believed that John and the actress were hanging out in New York City during this period, and were spotted going out for dinner, taking in the sights, and just generally enjoying each other’s company.It’s also been noted that there was a little more going on under the covers, but that neither of them wanted anything serious.

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