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The most reliable calendar date ranges from the 4 sites reveals a highland burial ritual unrelated to lowland Khmer culture that was practiced from cal AD 1395 to 1650.

The time period is concurrent with the 15th century decline of Angkor as the capital of the Khmer kingdom and its demise about AD 1432, and the subsequent shift of power to new Mekong trade ports such as Phnom Penh, Udong, and Lovek.

I am a big fan also of BTS and am studying Korean on my own.

I wish they will continue with many more seasons of Good Morning Call.

The software can be downloaded as freeware from the MSimaging website at

uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. We present the first radiocarbon dates from previously unrecorded, secondary burials in the Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia.

The methodology used to generate optical images of inked fingerprints is fully reported in H. For the generation of marks undergoing ageing and analysed by MALDI MSI (subsequently statistically treated) no human donor was used; instead flat fingermarks” were employed.We discuss the Cardamom rit- ual relative to known funerary rituals of the pre- to post-Angkorian periods, and to similar exposed jar and coffin burial rituals in Mainland and Island Southeast Asia. He has a way of physically hiding his emotions but can see it pouring from his eyes.Reed, et al., The Reed-Stanton press rig for the generation of reproducible fingermarks: Towards a standardised methodology for fingermark research, Sci. These are flat and linear patterns produced by a silicone master stamp in the press rig.The marks were generated using a latent print reference pad containing sebaceous oil secretions.

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