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Equally, this information can only be used as a guide to help narrow down the dating of any particular car.

However I hope it is of some interest, I've used this information repeatedly to help identify some of the vintage car photos that appear on the site.

Please notice that you can view either one picture at a time or up to 30 on the same page. Plates portal] To bookmark this page: Press CTRL-D Comments or corrections?

Did you witness a terrible driver doing something illegal or annoying?

Now, the LTO unveiled an online platform that allows you to check if your vehicle registration plate is already available and ready for pickup.

Called the Motor Vehicle 7-Character Plate Backlog Inquiry, the web-based system makes it easy and convenient to check if your LTO license plate is ready.

There is also a section for code lists and highest sightings of Norwegian license plates, also with historical data. The latest pictures added can be seen on a separate page.

There are two pages of highlights from recent European license plate history, including future issues. Are you ready to watch the amazing multitude of license plates that can be seen in Norway?

Please note that there are many 'end dates' that have yet to be identified, but where they are known, they have been included.

The LTO also said that they have produced more than 230,000 pairs of license plates.

LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante revealed that they have a backlog of 775,000 pairs of new vehicle plates.

Simply enter your 15-digit motor vehicle (MV) number which is located at the top-left portion of your certification of registration.

If your new license plate is available, the website will tell you when and where you can claim it.

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