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Ok Cupid has some great sources for helping you get people to respond on their site (and hopefully get a date).

Interestingly enough, there are a number of similarities between sending a message on an online dating site and writing a link request email.

Moral of the story: have a killer design for your site. Alright, on to the next section: “Optimum Message Length.” Based off of Ok Cupid’s research the optimal message length, for men contacting women, looking at efficiency, is about 200 characters.

Clearly communicate your message and say something interesting but don’t bore them with your life story - that is you have a profile.

The goal with your message is to get someone to want to learn more about you; communicate that you are awesome or unique in someway.

If you can relate to someone, you are more willing to link to them.

While you probably aren’t going to typically call someone sexy when you are asking for a link, there is something very applicable in the advice to not tell someone they are sexy. Don’t tell them they have a great site that you read everyday if it sucks.

Instead of BS'ing someone, try and build a connection.

Try to emphasize something that you have in common or a way to create some kind of connection with the recipient Be specific; tell them what you specifically found helpful.

Letting them know there was one post that was particularly helpful is better than saying you have a very resourceful site.

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