Linksys wireless adapter validating identity

What we are looking for is specific for the connection to your wireless network. where can i go to download office 2003 on the web ?We want to get to a page that asks if you want to "Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network." If you disable this (no check mark), does the "validating identity" problem go away? hello i'm new here and i need some help with my laptop(dell latitude c400) .I'm just purchase a wireless router linksys wrt160n and have it setup on my desktop(hp pavilion mx730) istallation was sucessful but i can not get my laptop (dell) to pick up or at times it gives me a message " windows cannot configure this wireless connection".I have 26 digit WEP code for the gigabit-N router setup. Any help from any one on this forum will be appreciative. I think that you have to update all the Windows XP software downloads.I want to connect this computer without going down to a 10 or 11 digit code key but I don? Remove the driver for the wireless device and download the latest driver from internet and install in on your computer.

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All you have to do is just open the "Wireless Network Connection" from available wireless networks and now click on the "Change Advanced Settings" and after that you have to go to "Wireless Network Connection properties".

I am using a enhanced-G USB wireless adapter to connect to a desktop computer.

Whenever I try to do that it shows me some message which says "Validating Identity".

I did chat with a person at linksys and he had me look for the wireless listing in stat up ,all programs but there is no "dell wireless listing.

The wireless card is a dell truemobile 1150 series wireless. Running win xp professional ver 2002 service pack 2. I had an idea for your "validating identity problem." First, are you using Windows to manage the wireless adapter or are you using the Dell Truemobile software?

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