Live chat no credit card needed

We feel it is best for both guests and hoteliers when guests are able to self serve.

Making a booking through your website requires guests to find the information they need to make a purchase decision and the confidence to complete the purchase on their own.

This is the most user friendly live chat I've found. This is a great app because it lets you trigger chats with your visitors automatically so I don't have to keep my eyes on it.

It was easy to install, didn't glitch and I get real time chat notifications that I can manage from my phone or from my computer. I can also chat right from my mobile phone so I never miss a chat.

In this case that would mean regularly checking all reservation staff email accounts and deleting any customer card details. That’s why we’ve built a new feature that allows staff to request card details from a guest within their conversation.

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Our latest update is designed to help guests send you their credit card information, without needing to leave the Front Desk conversation.The hardest thing was working out how to get card details from the guest to hotelier without Triptease ever seeing them.That’s how secure we’ve had to be in this process - we don’t even see the card information ourselves.back in April last year, we’ve seen thousands of guests have their questions and concerns easily answered by hotel staff during the booking process.In fact, when a guest engages in a live chat conversation through Front Desk we see a 9% chat to booking ratio.

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