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You can organize a meet-up with other After readers at the protest in your city in this Prop.

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"Do you know or associate yourself any homosexual people?

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Watch the official video for I'll Be Back Someday at Tegan And to/IBBSVideo RQCd Good morning!!

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15, is a national day of protest against Proposition 8 (and similar anti-gay marriage measures across the country), and if the last week is any indication, gays and lesbians across the country will be joined by some famous faces in the fight for equal marriage rights. Wet to find out the nearest protest location to you for this Saturday. If you’re in New York City, you have two chances to protest this week: in addition to Saturday’s protest, there is a very large protest planned in front of Manhattan Mormon Temple on Wednesday (tomorrow). The anxiety of waiting for a message, waiting for a call, checking to see if people have posted, checking to see what our friends are doing, checking to see how many likes we have.Tegan And to/IBBSVideo In this video we really wanted to capture the disruption and manic multitasking we all do now because of our cell phones.The phone on the wall is a physical representation of the constant pull to this device we all have.Tegan And to/IBBSVideo Vn Ts2O0 #YYZ!

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