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“The more eyes out there the better.” In the article, Parents, authorities won’t help find children, “…So, after several weeks of research, a list of people missing in Montgomery County and Liberty County Texas was created, as shown below.Whether there is something nefarious going on or pure coincidence requires even more research and study.If a family wants someone to be listed all they need to do is call.”An example of this is written up in this article about the missing in Wisconsin.”Entering a missing person into the TIME system does not place the information into the Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Missing and Exploited Children and Adults.Dana Brueck, communications officer with the Wisconsin Department of Justice, said, “It is up to local law enforcement and the family of missing persons what additional dissemination takes place.”This can be a problem, if there is a serial killer stalking people or some other unknown circumstance that is causing an anomaly.I typed in another town where there was a missing spot on the map, and another name of a missing person came up.This new information warranted further investigation to see if there were more in that particular county.

The both sheriff’s from both counties did not agree with my numbers.And if we are talking about a runaway, although they may be put on the list, getting the police to thoroughly investigate that is very slim. So, unless there is foul play known, nothing more than cursory information is taken. article, “…whether the department would involve state and national agencies depends on the circumstances.In most local cases, the child or person is found right away.Two people missing from one small town seemed usual to me, and you would think that the odds would have it that the police would have found at least one of these men.When I wrote up the article, I mentioned that I thought the number was high and I received an email from Helen Harriman-Oliver.

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