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We use our own and third party cookies to perform analysis and publicity so we can give a better service.If you continue using our website we will consider that you agree with our cookies terms of use.While some of these forlorn stores have fallen into disrepair, the charm and nostalgia of old-fashioned retail centers is not entirely gone, and is easily reawakened by paying a visit and grabbing some candy, thread, or what-have-you at the front counter.

The Valley County Museum hopes to incorporate a general store into its museum plans.As the store and town grew, additions were added by the Eames brothers with the help of two traveling Swiss men, whose influences gave the store the unique look and style seen today.Tucked away in forgotten Ola, this throwback general store with its vibrant murals and charming front porch was converted into a private residence a few years back according to locals.this still-operating shop houses a post office as well, which has been inside the general store since day one.Cash Store & General Supply was a log structure with an entrance on the north side of the building, and was owned by the Utah-born Eames brothers who homesteaded in Almo in the 19th century.

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