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We’ve been doing these characters nonstop, even alone with each other, for ten years.

Are there times when Kroll will do it and you don’t want to do it?

I remember I was on tour last year when Mike Nichols passed away.

That’s going to cool off soon, and we’re going to get back to all working together.

I’m waiting for the Harlem Nights trend to cool off — the trend of like starring the comedian, written by the comedian, produced by the comedian, music by the comedian.

So, we had that, a couple writing sessions, and also a ten-year backlog of bits. Everyone was of age, and no one wanted to have sex. House poor at 33, hmm, what still entices me to get out there? I talked to you when I was thinking of leaving Saturday Night Live, and you were opposed to doing another TV show at the time. I always loved writing for Gene Wilder, and then we stopped working together and I was in the movies. I just feel like I’m a comedy writer.” And that’s how I feel, too. There were proper old people and then big dudes with bald heads and their girlfriends.” And I said to him, “Yeah, it’s hard to control who your fans are.” [Laughs.] And I said, “It must’ve been weird to see that I had fans who didn’t automatically want to have sex with me within 15 seconds.” But he was nice about the show. You ever have someone go like, “Yeah, we’d love to bring you in,” and then they don’t. Attention and validation is a carrot at this point. So, we ate afterward and he was like, “It was a weird vibe. Oh yeah, I had a whole bunch of Oscar jokes written, waiting by the phone. ” Yeah, I need to think of something in the moment to go like, “Don’t say that unless you mean it. Don’t dangle no carrots.” What is a carrot at this point? Who’s come that’s been the weirdest to see in the audience? It’s like if he said, “I’m bringing a bunch of really nice glitter.” Yeah, and I know people like glitter, but I’ve aged out of glitter. Showbiz is like dating in that way, where if someone says, “We should get together,” you can’t be like, “So …

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