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Seems brew does not stop a service before uninstalling. Fix the 2002 My SQL Socket error Fix the looming 2002 socket error – which is linking where My SQL places the socket and where OSX thinks it should be, My SQL puts it in /tmp and OSX looks for it in /var/mysql the socket is a type of file that allows mysql client/server communication.

After checking the file i saw the logged error that another copy of mysql may be running, after terminating the old service. sudo mkdir /var/mysql sudo ln -s /tmp//var/mysql/Well Done : ) This Help me A LOT!

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If not a bad config setting, the error log should at least point you in the right direction.resulted in the error: "The server quit without updating PID file" I noticed something odd in the installation instructions though.It has ownership changed to mysql for the directory "data", but not to "var"; this is unusual because for years I have had to ensure that var directory was mysql writable.I had this problem while trying to brew upgrade on Mac OS X 10.7.5.Unfortunately mysql was also upgraded to 5.6.10 from 5.5.14. I decided to go back to my old setup and did a and My SQL works.

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