My friend is dating my little sister

She rinsed the soap from her face, and then washed her breasts, then her stomach. She kind of treated me like a kid brother, and her playful sense of humor suited me just fine. If my sister was fine, Molly and Jenn drove me absolutely crazy. The twins sat across from me, my sister to my right. There were three links; I opened 3 tabs in quick succession. It almost didn't register in my brain, and then it hit me. I darted into the bathroom, closing the door most of the way behind me.

Her hands slowed as she cleaned her lower belly, then slower still as she soaped between her legs and inner thighs. They were about my sister's height each, and slim, with dark, dark brown eyes. My dad sat at the head of the table, Jenn to his right, next to Molly. "Nothing, just remembered I left a process running on my desktop that I need to shut down. " "Sure," Mom said, "Come right back down, though." "Yeah," said my sister, "You're not getting out of dishes." I threw a look at her. "If dishes are what you want to spend your favor on," she said, "Be my guest." I stopped moving. I could hear Jenn on the phone but couldn't make out what she was saying.

Her shorts were cut so high her pockets were hanging out. She was wearing white cotton panties with pink bows and golden, lacy trim. "Let's hurry up and get this shit unpacked, I'd like to get our rooms somewhat straight." "Ok," I said, "What's the rush?

A slight sheen of sweat covered her perfect, rounded bottom. " "Nothing really, the clutter is just driving me nuts, and I'd like to get a change of clothes.

" "Sure thing, Mom." Molly and Jenn were my sister's two best friends..they happened to be identical twins.

I started the dishwasher and I felt the front of my jeans tighten as I trudged upstairs.

As I pressed the heel of my hand into my rigid cock through my jeans, a jolt of electric pleasure blasted down the base of my cock, into my balls and exploded there. I drew a sharp breath of air, pushed down on my cock again. I shook myself out of it and went back to my room through the bathroom, shutting her door behind me. "Gonna jump in the shower," I said through the door. My foot hit her jean shorts as I stood over the toilet. The crotch of her cute white, gold, and pink panties stared up at me. I could feel my heartbeat in my temples and behind my eyes. I could just barely smell her asshole at the back..there was a musk, an undertone that whispered, My cock was rigid, pulsing. Her private scent coiled around my brainstem and reached down into my groin. Her skin was so white it almost seemed like she was lit from within. "Hurry up, guys, let's eat so we can go out." "Where are y'all going? The three of them looked at each other and shrugged. I glanced down and saw Molly's bare foot rubbing softly on the arch of my sister's foot. I could smell the scent of water condensed on the plastic shower curtain. Holy shit, I might actually be too horny to go back downstairs, I thought.

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I got to the top of the stairs and turned down the hallway.

I realized I was still holding a few shirts that I needed to hang up for her. I knew the shower wouldn't last much longer, and I didn't know if I'd ever get a chance to see this again..I'd promised her I'd hang her shit up, and I wanted to be in her good graces when Molly and Jenn got here. I pushed my glasses up on my nose, and began assembling it. My cock started getting hard as I finished my piss. The panties were still wet from her vagina and sweaty from moving. One blast hit the bottom of the toilet seat before I aimed my load into the water. I could see a bit of midriff where her shirt hiked up. Jenn was wearing her hair pulled back in a ponytail and she was wearing a black track suit made out of some impossibly soft looking stretchy material, with pink piping down the arms and legs. I lifted the hamper lid to toss her shorts in, and quickly dug through the clothes.

Through the crack, in the mirror, through the curtain, I saw her body shudder and she slumped a little more into the shower wall. Tower, keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, router, done. I closed my free hand around my cock as I stood there, shower running, sniffing furiously at my sister's messy panties. One pulse, two pulses, three, four, I thought I might never stop exploding. Jenn's firm ass switched back and forth in a figure 8 in front of me. My sister and her twin best friends trotted down the stairs. Her jeans, a tank top, another pair of insanely short shorts, a t-shirt of mine, and then two pairs of panties, back to back.

* "Honey, would you bring that box of books upstairs?

" We had just moved in to our new house and were unpacking.

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