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“So when I got back from an 18-day climb in Nepal last April (part of her training for a May 2020 attempt to summit Mount Everest), I saw a random message on Facebook asking if I wanted to apply.” She had only seen a few clips of “Naked and Afraid” at that point, and admits she was naïve about producers’ interest in her, despite already knowing how to start fires and build life-saving caves in snow. As with all of the show’s competitors, Jansen was allowed to bring one item with her. She made her shoes — useful for hiking to the show’s extraction point, but also for surviving the burning desert sand — out of the skin and hair of a wild boar she and Wright killed during filming. Cameras swirl while competitors talk into an always-on microphone hidden in their show-provided necklaces, which communicate with a wireless transmitter hidden in their show-provided satchels.Jansen was skeptical going into it — even knowing that the camera crew can only intervene if someone’s about to die. “I laugh when people ask me if it’s real,” said Wright, whose wife and fellow survivalist Brooke (together they run the Lakewood-based Extreme Instinct outdoor/sporting goods company) will appear on the show’s March 31 episode.

We had moments where somebody’s life was literally holding on by a thread and had to be saved on the spot.” Of course, Jansen and Wright signed legal documents saying they wouldn’t talk about the results under pain of lawsuit — which seems like an afterthought, given that their lives were on the line for the sake of our entertainment.

For 24 hours a day for 21 days, there is no break.” For viewers, and especially Colorado residents, “Naked and Afraid” is more than just bee-sting and bad-tattoo schadenfreude.

Reality TV contestants from Colorado’s fit, high-altitude climes dominate on “American Ninja Warrior,” and have been finalists on shows like “Survivor,” “The Amazing Race” and other strength-and-endurance-based series.

“I’ve had some pretty sensitive conversations with my daughters about how these traumatizing events are going to be portrayed,” Jansen said of her girls, ages 12, 15 and 17.

“I wanted to prepare them.” That’s especially true as Discovery advertises Jansen and Wright’s episode as taking place in an “African Kill Zone where they are stalked by lions, dozens of crocodiles and a herd of 100 elephants.” “There’s lots of very, very close encounters with venomous snakes and large animals and predators,” Wright said.

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