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Focus on the great things that have happened with your family, home, career, and relationship.Savor your successes, and refocus on new dreams or goals for your relationship.But, the key is to read the book as a couple and talk about the marriage tips. Try to let go of those old ways of thinking or hoping.To solve problems in love relationships, look at yourself and your life in new ways as you move forward into a new chapter in your marriage.Then, figure out what you can live with – because marriage is about acceptance and unconditional love – and what you live with.Though couples counseling can help you determine the difference between the two, it’s not always necessary.Before you can even hope to make your relationship happy, you need to consciously decide that you want to build a better marriage.And, you need to accept that it takes time, energy, and effort to build and sustain a happy relationship. Sit down and make a list of the things that are troublesome in your love relationship.

I also co-write Football School, the children’s book series that explains the world through football. In it there are chapters on the maths of the coin-toss, the chemistry of pitch markings, the biophysics of dribbling, the biology of footballers’ feet, the history of the first football club, the design and technology of trophies, the politics of Spain, and much much more.If your relationship problems are because of disconnection, read How to Reconnect With Your Spouse.I often feature Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program in my articles, here on Quips and Tips for Love Relationships.The bill provides that anyone who has lived within the present boundaries of the Czecho-Slovak Republic since 1910 may become a citizen.The Jewish members of parliament have offered an amendment to this bill by means of which all residents of Czecho-Slovakia since 1915 would be eligible for citizenship.

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