Nintendo wii stuck updating

To put it simply, fully bricked Wii consoles do absolutely nothing.The term is often used in situations where modifying a system's firmware (without necessarily making any alterations to the machine's hardware) has caused it to become inoperable.Depending on the exact cause of failure, Preloader or Boot Mii/boot2 can fix (and are required to fix) this sort of brick, assuming they are installed and the system boots far enough to run them.A broken Wifi Module will present the same symptoms, but can only be fixed by replacing the module.A broken Bluetooth Module will present the same symptoms, but can only be fixed by replacing the module.If the Wii NAND filesystem is corrupt, the System Menu's IOS is missing or invalid, or the System Menu executable is missing or invalid, then the system will refuse to boot and nothing will be displayed on the screen.

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Because of this it's impossible to fix using software, UNLESS you have Boot Mii installed (as boot2) In some cases the latter will be unable to fix this brick.NOTE: Uninstalling the incorrect channel may lead to further damage, so users should be careful.Alternatively, if the user has Preloader installed, they can use it to access the HBC and uninstall the broken channel.A Semi/Partial Brick occurs when a System Menu update from the wrong region is installed on a Wii or some resources have been otherwise damaged, breaking some (but not all) of the functionality of the System Menu.Typically, games will still boot but the Settings menu will not work -- this prevents the system from healing itself with an online update.

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