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Of the respondents, 78 percent said they were somewhat or highly unlikely to discuss details of their love lives. Other unmentionables: monthly mortgage or rent payments (69 percent) and health problems (58 percent).

After that, the topics become easier to discuss: the death of a loved one (49 percent), your weight (47 percent), views about religion (37 percent), political views (36 percent), your age (26 percent), the price of a tank of gas (13 percent) and the weather (8 percent).

“When people see their finances going down, can’t pay their mortgage or lost their jobs or been demoted, there is a sense of personal failure.”Talking points Poll participants were asked the following question: “Sometimes when people first meet, they’re comfortable talking openly about some topics but not others.

Others walk into counseling centers with bags of unopened bills.

The nationwide group represents 36 nonprofit consumer credit counseling agencies that operate 178 counseling offices in 38 states.

“About 70 percent of our clients are females,” Jones says.

But first, just assume for a moment that this topic came up between you and that person during a harmless conversation.

Please tell me how likely you would be to talk openly to someone you’ve just met about this topic.” The topics, which were rotated randomly so that respondents were given the list in different order, were: Gender differences The poll respondents showed differences in reluctance to talk about certain subjects along gender lines.

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