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The village is home to the Chester Playhouse one of the best-known community theatres on Nova Scotia’s South Shore.Scenes for several films, miniseries, movies of the week, and television shows have been shot in and around Chester. Keep in mind to always be respectful, not to comment on any persons activity and avoid personal attacks against other commentators.I just wonder if there is anything I could do to find a woman who'd be into dominating me.—Not Sure What I Want A There may be one or two young women kicking around your small, prestigious liberal-arts college who fantasize about taking the lead, about tying up and dominating their boyfriends, NSWIW, but they're not going to be tottering around campus in high-heeled boots and latex and leather.My question is, are there other young, kinky, sexaholic feminine lesbians/bisexual women out there? A Only a small percentage of women are lesbians, DYKES, and an even smaller number of that already-small number are kinky.

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But back to the young women you're likely to encounter at your prestigious college: A lot of women with naturally dominant and/or sadistic streaks don't realize it until that first submissive boyfriend draws it out of them.

I'm suffering from some sort of carpal-tunnel/ repetitive-motion/too-much-beating-off injury, and it feels like my right arm is on fire.

I don't want to be a cheater, Dan, but I don't want to spend the rest of my life having missed out on my "sexual prime" because my husband already experienced his. I also have a few poly friends who are kinky, and they preach to me that being monogamous is a mistake and I can seek out kinky play with others without it being sexual. —Permission 2 Explore Please A Before I get to your question, P2EP, a programming note: FUCK OUCH DAMN IT CHRIST!

Since I'm in a great deal of pain here, I thought it only appropriate that I give the column over to letters about BDSM.

That way, someone---my kinkiest readers---can enjoy my suffering. Not to explore, as it's not in my power to grant you permission to do that.

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