Objectdatasource updating event args

I set both Type Name="Test" and also Data Object Type Name="Test". If I save the object the value in P2 will be saved as null.

Problem is I need the primary key to load this before I return it but eventargs e doesn't have any info about the original object. This defeats the "less code" role of Object Data Source, doesn't it?? The following list describes the two major classes that are defined in the code example: This set of example classes uses the Northwind Traders database, which is an example database available with Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.For a complete working example, use these classes by placing them in the App_Code directory under the application root or by compiling them and placing the resulting DLL in the Bin directory. If you want to influence the creation of the object which should be defined by the dataobjecttypename property then you'll have to process the On XXX event. in other words, when you do that you're influencing the creation of the object on which the methods defined by the XXXmethod properties are executed.

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