Obsessive compulsive dating

Some people with ROCD will have both focuses wherein they feel fear regarding both their relationship and their partner, and these fears compound to create a truly difficult relationship.

People who have both focuses might struggle to keep any long-term romantic relationships afloat and may experience even greater feelings of depression and anxiety than their counterparts who only have one of the ROCD focuses.

People with the disorder might regularly ask the people around them for reassurance regarding their relationship, ask their partner if they are truly "in" the relationship constantly, or may be plagued by doubts regarding the rightness of the relationship.

In these relationships, the person with the disorder may be nervous about committing to any relationship for fear of making the wrong choice.

Things that once brought a smile to your face can suddenly become irritating.Little quirks you once adored can start to grate on your nerves.Is this a normal relationship shift or the symptoms of ROCD?There are two ways that ROCD shows up in relationships: relationship-focused ROCD and partner-focused ROCD.In the former, doubts surround the relationship itself.

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