Online dating sites for gay men

The premium subscription is flexible, consisting of two levels.-Not suitable for quick hookups - no fast nude pics exchange or location sharing options.-A user might want to apply other search criteria rather than geographical proximity, but there are no alternatives.On the left side of the page, you can access your message history, as well as your matches and your profile editing.Apart from several pics or GIFs, every profile can include a short describing text.only works as additional support and info supplementary to the location-based hookup app.

Unfortunately, the time-limitation of matches not only makes the search more meaningful but also narrows the range of potential partners.

Perhaps this is the reason why there’s no ‘desktop option’ - not all the PCs use GPS.

It is the biggest among purely-LGBT apps and perhaps among all apps except for Tinder.

How many of the app’s users have ever opened the website is yet an open question.- The most significant gay pool size (in the app).

The number of users remains decent wherever you go - urban cities or small towns, both the US and outside.- After recent management moves, Grindr has become much more inclusive for trans, etc.- Unsuitable for LGBT online dating - full functionality is available through the app.

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