Online gaming vs online dating

Where as in gaming you always have the real part yet to emerge.Your idiocracies are on the surface."" While the idea of meeting new people does excite many, it might be totally opposite for some.But maybe, I wouldn't do that."" Another avid gamer, Anuraag Shukla goes online to unwind completely,""I go online to play for atleast an hour.It takes me away from the daily stress from my life and just love the way I can meet new, interesting people during the game.

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Contrary to the popular trends, it was once believed that online dating has more chances of getting you hooked with someone rather than gaming. The author of this sketch has shed a full blown light on the fallacy.If given a chance to go out and meet someone in person, they would rather go online and sit infront of their computers.But recent surveys show how the profiles of people on these sites are completely not what you would expect.In fact, one of these surveys suggests that you'd have a better chance finding a significant other by joining one of these popular gaming sites.Psychologist Varkha Chulani feels that though there is a common factor binding and bringing these people together online, there is a lot more that goes into a relationship,""People might find co-players interesting but for a relation to blossom it takes a lot more than spending time playing the same game.

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