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The UK man is lucky to have the support of a committed and active family both at home and in Thailand who visit him as often as possible and provide an impressive level of support.

The young man is believed to be suffering from a bad back from having to sleep on a concrete floor at the huge prison where he once shared a bare wall prison cell with up to 78 other inmates.

The 32 year old UK man was sentenced by a Thai court to 50 years in prison in 2015 with the sentence being upheld in 2016.

Since then, his devoted mother and father as well as a network of close friends and strangers have helped to support Lance in his nightmarish ordeal in prison.

The young man, who is now 32 years of age, is believed to be suffering from the physical and mental effects of 5 years in Bangkok’s Klong Prem prison on the outskirts of Bangkok in Chatuchak.

The prison is a maximum security facility with over 20,000 inmates being held cramped and unhygenic conditions.

Lance Whitmore has been held at Bangkok’s mammoth Klong Prem prison in Chatuchak, on the outskirts of the city now for over 4 years.

He said his son had witnessed two stabbings and an attempted rape up to that point while imprisoned there.

The crime was a most serious and reprehensible one that would be condemned by nearly all foreigners in Thailand, however, the attitude of the young man and his family to the ordeal has, so far, been inspiring.

The UK man was jailed for 50 years in Thailand in June 2015, after being caught in August 2014 attempting to sell 200 ecstasy pills to an undercover informant for the Thai police at a car park outside a supermarket in Pattaya.

The young Thai woman had succumbed to a meningitis infection.

‘He was in a very bad place,’ his mother told the press in 2016 after his conviction was upheld.

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