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It showed me how much I distrust every single man who tries to make conversation with me through a dating app (whether appropriate or not) - that I suspect the motive of said person is to get inside my pants. All you have to do is read previous entries and it sums up the whole of my online dating experience. Or twelve seconds getting to know me and then asking for full body pictures and wanting to sext.

Why wouldn't my first thought be the suspicion that I am just a warm body to be objectified?

It so much less about finding real connection right now and so much more about finding a hook up, that it's changed the industry. But when I do return my goal is to know myself and love myself and not let one single dick pic or inappropriate message ever make me feel like I am nothing more but a disposable thing again. Exhibit C: First of all...would a woman lie about that? I am not sure why else I repeatedly get people who act like this straight out of the gate. I must have gotten sucked into some dating hell vortex. So why on Earth do I seem to only attract the ones who are like, "wanna sit on my face? Why do I keep getting the guys who make these comments ten seconds in? Why can I not get that respectful guy who just wants to take me out on a date and get to know me? If you sense a tone of frustration and anger in my writing instead of my usual witty sarcasm, you'd be right....because I am frustrated. ) These guys are literally sitting in their apartments streaming themselves as they do what they do (ick. And Jasmyn keeps saying he is so hot and so this ensuing argument is going on and on and on. "No you're the hot one," "no you are" [enter annoying giggle here]. I politely declined, but now I am sort of wishing I had held onto this conversation. Now, instead of guys asking if you want to see their dick, they ask if you want to see their "naughty." No. Four people in the past four days (three of them today alone) asked me if I wanted to see their naughty. (message to me) Nothing crazy you know, just fraud and a gun charge.

Because if I don't have amount of hope for romance and love is worth it - it's not worth hating myself. I am not stupid enough to tell men that because all they want is photos of you. If a woman wants to draw attention to her chest size, she takes a selfie of her chest, she doesn't lie about being fat. Second..asked me if I liked wrestlers and I said sure. I ask myself repeatedly what I did to deserve such bad dating karma.... I can't help but think that I am, in some way I am not aware of, attracting this type of crap. I just found a new online dating app and it's freaking awesome. not like that - there are rules and apparently streams are periodically and frequently paused for review for that kind of stuff). Jasmyn makes very little sense talking about her Popsicle-like body (and how she is the ugly one, not him) and this guy has no idea what she is saying, but he keeps talking anyway. Not because I am interested in having a baby with a random stranger who thinks kids are some casual thing..because I'd love to know this baby daddy's plan. It's a silly name, like saying it that way makes it more acceptable?

Good thing too or some guy would be using my pictures to jerk off....wait. And of course, for those of you who know me or follow this, you know these kind of guys, these messages, are common for me. It can't be missing from the entirety of the male species?and b) stereotypically, I can totally see why the guy asked). If you look back at my previous entries, you'll note Skout has been one of those creepy dating apps with dick pics and dying declarations of love. Not that this is news on an online dating site, it just seems to be nothing but these days. So before I can even see the message, come up with a good retort, the inevitable dick pic request comes. The things I've read or heard from men have really been enough to lose faith in the whole of the male species. Submission, domination, fetishes, dick pics, proclamations of undying love, cuddle buddies and friends with benefits.... And then he wanted alcohol so he was looking to see if the store was open on Google maps and checked his bank account to see if he could afford some alcohol. Stream# 3 - I didn't read this guys profile before clicking on his stream, so I had no idea who he was or what I was getting into (dangerous, I know). He is from Europe, smart, well-spoken, and goofy at a humorous, tolerable level. However, these days, it's Plenty of Fish that's making me regret considering the male species suitable for a love connection. I swear every guy has wanted to see five pictures, in addition to the 6 they already get to see on my profile. The next message I didn't take a screen shot of because I said, "no, I am not interested." And like any reasonable person, I thought that was enough. Unfortunately for me, knowing The Greek God and knowing the handful of guys that I do (both online and IRL), I know that there are good men out there. And I am not saying sex isn't on their mind, but its not the first thing and it isn't so....blatant. I agree, I live in the southern end of New Jersey and see the same things actual conversations: her profile: "I'm make my living as an artist.'my response: awesome what's your medium, do have shows in galleries?HER response: oh nowhere yet but it's my dream and I haven't painted in years because of my real job and kidsher profile: "I love to travel"my response: haven't travelled in a while but would love to, where have you been/ what's your favorite city?

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