Rockstar social club red dead redemption stats not updating

GTA 5 hands-on: Watch Digital Spy explore Los Santos Posting on the company support site, Rockstar stated: "We are aware of these issues with Social Club or related networking hardware/services and have been working to resolve them as quickly as possible." They continued to tell players that they are also attempting to fix the companion app, saying: "Please note that we are aware of some reports about problems with the i Fruit App.In 2006, when I launched Rockstar Watch, there was no other Rockstar related fan sites; only segregated groups of sites dedicated to particular games or series.

The creative flare that Leslie, Dan and Sam have has to be appreciated, if not just for their efforts, for the environment they've built at Rockstar that has made it such a powerhouse.

Note: Some features are effectively unavailable since the Game Spy server shutdown in July 2014.

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After finding the three clues, the final location of the treasure chest will be revealed – and will mark a random location on your map.

Arriving at the site, you can spot two more corpses with another shovel, and a case that is marked “Boles Overland Stage Co.” – open the case and you’ll reveal the Double-Action Revolver, which will then be purchasable at Ammu-Nation.

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