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These included the works of Heinrich Heine, the inspiration of the Social Democrats.Through the complete manipulation of the flow of information, along with providing just enough economic improvement to lift the people’s spirits; the general populace supported the Nazi regime.Leaders of opposition parties were arrested and put into the first concentration camps.These included a number of high profile, democratically elected officials.In a multi party election (November 1932) Hitler and the Nazis won 32%.They had the largest number of seats in the Reichstag so Hitler was brought into the government as chancellor.

Last, we need to preserve a society completely free of censorship.In early 1933 the Reichstag fire precipitated the passing of a series of emergency laws giving Hitler authoritarian power.Common knowledge holds the fire was set by the Nazis to create grounds for demanding these powers.Censorship of the written word is the enemy of a free society.It was interesting that in the accounting of oppressive measures taken by the Nazis there was NO mention of gun control.

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