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Her duties included handling of hedge fund accounts as well as investment management.Following this, Smith landed her first on-air job as a reporter for Bloomberg Television covering US equities and derivatives market. In October 2007, Smith joined the-then new network FOX Business Channel as a reporter.Unlike Bloomberg (long linked to Diana Taylor) and Andrew Cuomo (who lives with domestic guru Sandra Lee), he's not divorced.Marriage rates have long been on the decline in the United States, but not among the wealthy.However, the exact figures of her income has never been revealed to the public.Therefore, figures of how much she earns are only mere speculations.While attending Officer Candidate School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Smith’s father met her mother who is an Oklahoma native.It is no doubt that Sandra Smith is receiving a worthy paycheck for what she does at Fox Business Channel.

Since joining the FOX Business Network since its inception in October 2007, Sandra Smith’s career as a reporter has been on the rise.

Sandra often takes to her social media account to shares pictures of her two great kids.

When Boston elected Marty Walsh as its next mayor last evening, it looked like nothing particularly demographically new: Irish-Catholic pol beats other Irish-Catholic pol elected in a town with a tradition of electing Irish-Catholic pols.

Sandra is one of only two FOX reporters (the other being Jenna Lee who played softball) to have participated in Division I college sports on an NCAA national championship team.3.

Smith hails from a very large family with a history of working in Chicago’s financial district.

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