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Yes I know this can be time consuming, which is why I suggest to guys that they should go for quality of potential matches rather than quantity.(IE: The guy that copy/pastes the same message to every girl, we're not dumb we know a copy/paste message when we see one.) Your short message should include something you noticed from her profile and why you noticed it and (subtly) how it makes her unique.The one thing to remember is that women have the upperhand in online dating, even the most average woman can expect a few messages in her inbox everyday without even trying.The trick here is standing out, But how do you do that?

their personalities and social skills) in exchange for the convenience and comfort of not having to be nervous approaching girls because they're safe behind their keyboards.Make sure that some of these questions are engaging and thoughtful and not shallow small talk.Try to relate these questions to the flow of conversation or you risk making the conversation feel stiff and rehearsed.Then ask a question that makes her think and chances are if she likes your profile she will at least respond to the first question.When if/when she responds continue the conversation by asking 2 or 3 questions about herself, for every one question she asks about you.

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