Shes dating the gangster too dl link

But, on the other hand, since this is a book adaptation from a Wattpad novel, can we completely blame her?

If you can’t afford not to feel the kilig of Kathniel or Char Dawn loveteams on the big screen, this might be something you’d consider watching.

The movie is set to premiere this coming July 16, 2014.

See Also: Watch the Full Trailer Video of She’s Dating The Gangster She’s Dating The Gangster is written by Bianca Bernardino and directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina.

While this could be the best movie of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla based on their performances as actors, removing them completely from the story, “She’s Dating the Gangster” might be one of those movies you might not remember after a while.

Yet once again, this is a movie from Carmi Raymundo like her “Bride for Rent” which banked on something we already know, forgot to tell us something new, and both ended on a moment in characters' lives we expected from the start.

I have no plan reading the book but due to the movie screenwriter, Carmi Raymundo, who also wrote “One More Chance”, “Caregiver” and “Starting Over Again”, I gave this movie a chance and watched it in cinema on its first day of showing (that #Seven One Six One Four).Admit it, he’s not an excellent actor but his charming aura captured the hearts of millions.I’m not a fan of him but I can say that his sincerity in acting has definitely matured taking the role of both Kenji and Kenneth although I couldn’t distinguish his character from the other.The upcoming movie features the story of two teenagers who fall in love amid a pretend romance.Daniel Padilla plays the role campus heartthrob Kenji delos Reyes.

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