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I would rush home and see if my parents aren't home to go on Newgrounds to play some of the dress-up dolls that they have at the time.Since it was the point when I discovered girls and its one of the only way without paying any money to see girls naked (remember those times before Google Image).However, Tom Fulp doesn't make Pico shorts as often anymore.A sequel called was infamously in Development Hell for years, with only some level designs appearing to the public.At the end of the day, we made peace with each other and pretend any of this never actually happened.To this day, I still cringe over dumb shit like that but I've learned to laugh it off because I was just a impressionable youth that took wrong dating advices and I associate this game with those moments of my life.You can customize the link name of shortcuts by using the format [Artist12345, Custom Name].

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I was just doing a thing that the game taught me to do.

Which is go up to the girl everyday and build relationships that way..alone ask her out because I was way too chicken shit to do it.

But at the same time, there are better time wasters out there.

Plus if you want something that gets your rocks off..Google it.

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