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I might tackle dating another time, but I wish I had been able to find some information or perspective to reassure and inform me about what might await me on the far side of the world – beyond my dating and marriage prospects 1.

It’s easier to be solo (logistically speaking) in Asia than it is in the US.

I don’t have to wait at home for the air conditioner service man, my building manager does that.

Many families have live-in help and never have to navigate the “the first time we can get out at night and see you is in 2 weeks but only if I can find a babysitter” or “I could meet you for one drink but only if we leave work early and I can convince my husband to pick up the baby from daycare” conversations.

Always happens to me whenever I move to new country or stay in a new country for extended period of time.Dating for expats info Living in France is an incredible opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself, including the romantic side of your life. I read every blog I could find about what life in Asia would be like and asked the few connections I could find piles of questions, most of which were disappointingly practical (like how to find a veterinarian).Yes, these are luxuries (even by Asian standards) but they are not as outlandish a luxury as they might seem in the US.I should also mention that I’m about 14 years into my career and in my mid-thirties. In Asia, high stress from busy-ness and chores evokes more of a sense of pity.

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