Slow response online dating rainie yang and show luo dating 2016

Normally, I'd maybe consider the more negative outlook and assume they're not interested and trying to figure out what to say. Understandably, people are busy so immediate responses are not an option (nor does it need to be immediate).Although, if you have an i Phone, Whats App or Facebook, you can see 'read receipts' so you know they've seen what you have to say." - I wanted to add some other thoughts that I've seen on here.Women are very emotional, they will act based on their emotions, and mostly in the moment.Assuming they're not busy, do girls generally do this as part of their game? Is there any good outcome which can come from worrying about whether they've responded to a message? I've often gotten a text a day later where the girl said she was way busy the day before but now wants to make plans and meet up.Do they do it because they don't want to seem overly enthusiastic? It seems to me that you only waste your time worrying, and if you pester someone for a response then they're likely to just consider you needy and irritating, even if they were going to respond later anyway. Texting a second time to try to get a response makes you boring and needy. I don't think texting should be avoided altogether, or that it should only be a tool to set up a meet.I think most girls will tell you why they stopped texting later if it was actually something critical.Personally I don't text anywhere near as much as I used to and I'm happier for it.

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) it seems like it's better for everyone involved if you don't stress about it. From what I've experienced, its in many cases their interest isnt that high, they're busy, or theyre purposefully delaying.Usually I read a message then put my phone away again until I have time to respond.Usually the opportunity arises within an hour or two.(I know this because they've told me about the guy and explained their level of interest).They'll even get frustrated because the guy isn't responding as fast as they want, and I've been asked, "Why isn't he responding, doesn't he like me?

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