Speed candidating

Speed Candidating is a Trade Mark of AGC Legal Recruitment and endeavours to match law firms to candidate attorneys in a non-pressurised environment.Law firms and Candidates, who meet our criteria, are invited to register on our website for an upcoming Speed Candidating event.Unfortunately, most of these people chose to mention this at the very end of the conversation.It’s the equivalent of attending an actual speed dating event and ending the conversation with “I’m happily married, I just came for the free beer”.Legal Support staff needs to understand the processes as well as their roles in this complex subject, especially the practical implication and effect of the information and procedures which they may deal with on a daily basis.

The Collingwood Downtown Business Improvement Area (BIA) is hosting a unique opportunity for our Municipal Election Candidates to speak one-on-one with voters using a fast-paced, unique format.So, we focused on a building a business texting solution.Early on, we assumed Text Us would target small businesses — salons, spas, auto repair shops.Today, the biggest issue we hear from our customers is that the job market is very tight.There is enormous competition between staffing agencies to find even find qualified, available talent, let alone get their attention.

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