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This, among other issues, caused Garner to file for divorce in 2017. However, the relationship wound up being a brief rebound, and they broke up soon after. As in, “the pictures paparazzi took of them on dates were perfect, because they would deliberately mess with them.” It wound up taking was a passion project for the director, and leading actor Garfield was eager to give it his all.Vaughn said there was just too much public attention on their relationship, but Aniston had no hard feelings, despite the whole experience’s minefield of messed up relationship triggers. And Sinatra wanted Farrow to leave the movie, as its prolonged shooting schedule was getting in the way of their relationship. He threw himself into the character, losing a scary amount of weight in the process.It also messed with Ryan’s marriage, as she and Quaid got divorced soon after. The underseen horror flick stars Weisz and Daniel Craig, a few years after he had become James Bond.The two had actually been good friends for awhile, even while Weisz and Aronofsky were together.At the time, Taylor was on her fourth marriage, to singer Eddie Fisher. Both Burton and Taylor abruptly divorced their spouses to marry while filming Paris Hilton and Nick Carter’s relationship was, to use a Hilton phrase, so hot. And this choice effectively doomed his marriage to Hamilton, who announced her divorce to Cameron just eight days after Thornton abruptly ended his engagement with Dern to get with Jolie. , and she and La Beouf have a particularly intense onscreen “moment.” The two decided to turn this moment into a long-term romance, as they began dating while filming.And we mean abrupt — Dern found out secondhand that Thornton and Jolie were eloping, without Thornton ever telling her himself. Eventually, they got married in 2016, via Las Vegas Elvis wedding.

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Amidst all this turmoil, stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton found love — at a cost. And in 2005, these two hotties appeared in the 2005 horror remake Cameron, still married to Hamilton, began dating Amis while filming his doomed boat epic.And the two got along so well during production, that they decided to trade Green Lantern’s famous ring for a wedding ring.After, you know, Reynolds and Johansson’s surprise divorce. So you’re an unbelievably famous celebrity couple who got together under strange circumstances on a movie shoot. If you’re Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, you fling yourselves into newly strange circumstances on a new movie shoot.Affleck played Daredevil, the blind superhero with heightened sense. And the two of them played “let’s hook up on set even though we’re both in high-profile relationships.” Both of their previous commitments dissolved, and they wound up getting married, becoming Bennifer 2.Blake Lively played Carol Ferris, the Green Lantern’s love interest.

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