States mandating era or eft

So it’s important to examine all options to reduce the rising healthcare reimbursement and administrative costs that healthcare payers are facing .Of the ever-increasing healthcare costs, how much is attributable to administrative and payment expenses?

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Nacha partners with the healthcare industry, using the Rules to support the standardization of payments between health plans and providers.The TRN Segment in the Addenda Record of the CCD Addenda should be the same as the TRN Segment in the associated ERA that describes the payment.Using the same TRN Segment helps to match the payment to the correct remittance advice, a process called reassociation.Additionally, the healthcare payer should use a trace number (TRN) to help tie the ACH payment back to the 835 ERA.A single ACH payment can represent many claim reimbursements contained with the corresponding 835.

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