Symantec definitions not updating

Some of the clients are just keeping the virus definitions that were part of the install (13th Feb 2004) but some seem to have picked up an update but then stopped picking any further ones up.

As I said, most clients are fine but a few are having trhese problems. It's very frustrating as you can imagine as the Symantec site doesn't appear to be very useful for this problem.

It would add the public IP addresses into the zone file against the LAN name of the server and as a result some LAN clients would get given the Internet IP address (because MS DNS server uses a round-robin process to returning multiple IP addresses for load-balancing).

That meant the clients couldn't connect to the Live Update server because of firewall rules and it would silently fail.

Symantec's work-around for right now is to leave the date on the file as 12/31/2009 and increment the rev #. I presume it would as this is how I noticed that there is a problem?Do a Secars test to Test Connectivity between SEP and SEPM Testing Communication from an Endpoint Protection client to the Endpoint Protection Manager In Progress - 2.Get the sylinkmonitor logs to check the communication for any errors Sylink Watcher and Sylink Monitor - tools for real-time debugging of SPA 5.x and SEP 11.x DONE - Remove corrupt definitions 1.As per my screenshot, I have done as you suggested. Is it safe to presume that I dont do the uninstall and reinstall of liveupdate then? Hopefully I will be able to get to the bottom of this quickly with your help.How long does it normally take to distribute the updates to all the workstations? Kind regards, mustekkzn Symantec-Endpoint---Update. JPG Hi Pradeep Its been about an hour now since the update and I am still not having any luck what so ever.

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