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So bring along your S/O for a wine fueled night of fun. All it takes is for you two to be locked in a room for 60 minutes to complete a mission.

Everybody's true colors come out when time is ticking and you're trying to solve a mystery!

This is great because it means you can impress your date while remaining relaxed, giving you the opportunity to truly be yourself for the entire evening. The Tucson Botanical Gardens offer a beautiful atmosphere with plenty of opportunity for conversation.

When you get hungry, head to the on-site Cafe Botanica and dine outdoors surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants.

Everybody from Boston knows that they live in the most underrated city in the states.

Plus, it's never not entertaining when people try to impress you with their impression of a Boston accent.

It's a two hour class offered at the Boston Harbor Distillery. Why not see which one of you becomes Bob Ross after a couple of drinks? And since it's an improv show, you never know what's going to happen.

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This classy yet laid-back restaurant serves up delicious, high-quality meals while keeping everything casual.Even in a city where there's always something going on, it can be feel daunting when trying to choose what to do for date night.If you've been in a relationship for awhile, it gets harder and harder to surprise your partner with a new date night idea. And if you're in a new relationship, you always want to step up your game and impress them. There are ideas for places you pass by all the time but never think to go in to, there are relaxing dates for those who want a step up from Netflix and chill, and then there are dates that revolve around food. Tipsy Chocolates offers a number of tours that take you around to different shops around Boston and let you sample all the chocolate you could ever imagine.This is the perfect date for when you want a bit of fun and action mixed together.And if you two want to make time for your friends, bring them along too! After dinner or drinks, head to the Coit Observatory at Boston University to observe the night sky using telescopes and binoculars. Listen, there's so much to do in a park especially one as beautiful as Boston Commons. This is not a place where you just grab your coffee and go.

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